Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Alright, I'll admit, it's been a long time since my last post. Too long, in fact. I've been working two jobs, fighting power outages, traveling to florida, swimming with dolphins, writing a play, watching/yelling at Legend of the Seeker, seeing MCMD occasionally between rotations, and rehearsing for a show, updating the blog has fallen by the wayside. For the loyal 3 of you that still check it out, thanks for hanging in there. Your patience shall be rewarded.

So, how cool is this....that show I said I was working on....it's Gypsy, and we open Friday, March 20th and run that Saturday night and Sunday matinee and Fri, Sat, Sunday matinee the next week.

Gypsy is based on the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee, the most famous burlesque performer. The story also features Gypsy's mother, Madam Rose, who is the epitome of the horrid show-biz mom. There is great music, fantastic characters, and wonderful costumes. And the really cool part...I get to play Gypsy!! It's a role that has light and dark (which as you all know from my blog name, I'm pretty into) she transforms from this shrinking violet, pushed into the background, self-concious girl into a bold, confident, witty, strong woman. And the really, really cool part is that I get to play opposite someone I admire so much, who has been my mentor in theater and a million other ways over the years. And even though she plays my mean mother in the show, and tells her daughter that she has "no talent," she has been such a wonderful support to me and I'm thrilled to be her "little lamb." So, if you want more info on getting tickets to the show, check out www.lcct.org

So, for now I'm hangin' out at the theater, working hard at the high school, hoping to pick up an extra day at the private school, and trying to find time with the husband. Oh, and that dolphin story I mentioned.....I'll save that for another day..... ;)

Monday, November 3, 2008

This has been such a busy October. We've been to a UMaine homecoming (and got to play on the 50 yard line with the band) and got to visit both family and friends. My class at adult ed. finished up, and things with my middle schoolers have heated up as they tackle a musical. And yeay for Halloween! We had a wonderful time with friends at our annual Halloween party...food, fun, and a freaky movie, "Cloverfield." I can't believe how fast time has flown, it'll soon be time for the holidays and trips to sunny Florida. That's assuming I get through tomorrow first. I can't wait for the frickin' political ads to be over! I've already told my husband that the next person who asks if I know what tomorrow is, is going to get the stock response: "I'm aware, now F*%$ off!" And those stupid signs and annoying ads better be gone after tomorrow. I am running out of patience. I'll be sure to update later this week, if I haven't torn my hair out, or someone elses', and been locked up for it.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rage much?

Okay. I realize I have some issues I have to deal with...I hear my husband's voice in my head trying to soothe me with "don't drive angry, don't drive angry," but things are getting riddiculous! I'm going to loose my mind just trying to get to work. I'm not saying you need to drive like a bat outta hell, but come on...at least drive the speed limit. Or, if you can't for some reason (like extreme old age, rusty car, or because you are hauling some kind of cargo, little humans or otherwise) than at least do what many Europeans do...pull the f*#@ over and let the rest of us pass. I used to think that tourists were the worst...driving 5 miles an hour to look at the pretty water and mountains, and oh look honey, a tree, how quaint! But now, ARGH, save me from middle-aged Mainers in pick-up trucks...on their way to a job, and so they'll drive poking along to rack up the clock and do less work! C'mon people, move along, some of us have places to go! And while I realize that people now-a-days (God, I sound like a little old man! "In my day we had to walk uphill to school both ways, in the snow") are not considerate; they think only of themselves and don't care about their fellow commuters, I think it's being taken a bit too far...I was stopped behind someone in the middle of the road for several minutes while the guy yelled to someone standing out in front of their house. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD dude! If you're lost, pull off to the side, get directions, but don't stop traffic and take up so much space that no one can move around you! Between idiots hugging the white line to make a left turn, making turns like a 90 year old woman walks down supermarket aisles, driving 2 miles an hour--or 95, and friggin' tourists cruising around thinking they own the place, and the unfortunate locals who should take drivers' ed for the third time....I think I'd better invent the teleporter so I can cut out my half-hour commute. Come to think of it...that would solve my gas prices issue as well.....

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Working Girl

So, as the summer winds down, so do my responsiblities for the trolley. (Thank god! My patience for tourists is almost gone) Therefore, I must find new employment. My job at Adult Ed. is resuming, which I'm excited about, but it's only part time and I need to find something to go with it.

Enter my fantastic news:

One of the private schools in the area was advertising for a drama teacher. I am thrilled to say that I was offered the job, and accepted! I'm going to be a drama teacher!! I'll be working with kids ages 4-14 and since the program is new this year, I can shape it any way I want! I am so excited to be able to combine my hobby with a paycheck. Their theater space is brand new and quite beautiful...complete with practice rooms, backstage area, and storage for props/sets. Plus, they were given a gift of lights last Christmas. Nice lights. I can't wait to start doing all kinds of fun activities with the kids--monologues, character development, improv games, backstage etiquette, the list goes on and on....

I never thought I'd be so excited to go back to school!