Monday, November 3, 2008

This has been such a busy October. We've been to a UMaine homecoming (and got to play on the 50 yard line with the band) and got to visit both family and friends. My class at adult ed. finished up, and things with my middle schoolers have heated up as they tackle a musical. And yeay for Halloween! We had a wonderful time with friends at our annual Halloween, fun, and a freaky movie, "Cloverfield." I can't believe how fast time has flown, it'll soon be time for the holidays and trips to sunny Florida. That's assuming I get through tomorrow first. I can't wait for the frickin' political ads to be over! I've already told my husband that the next person who asks if I know what tomorrow is, is going to get the stock response: "I'm aware, now F*%$ off!" And those stupid signs and annoying ads better be gone after tomorrow. I am running out of patience. I'll be sure to update later this week, if I haven't torn my hair out, or someone elses', and been locked up for it.