Friday, June 15, 2007

Quick snippet

Just a quick update for the loyal readers. All five of you... :) We have moved into our new house and are awaiting email access. Should happen after the 19th and then I will post a proper update. For now, be content with the news that we have a roof overhead, the cats are settling in, and we are wonderfully 15 minutes from Moody's Diner!

More to follow....

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Wild Weekend!

Yet another Wild n' Crazy weekend! We planned our moving sale for this past weekend, making it doubly huge by adding our stuff to our upstairs neighbors' stuff. We advertised in the paper, and with signs around town. Mark was a bit skeptical about how many people would show up, but then again, he hates yard sales. Our neighbors had done big sales before and told us that we had to get up super early to set up because of the "early birds." Even with all the talk about it, and time factored in, we still were not prepared for the absolute chaos that descended on us at 7 in the morning. All the ads and signs said 9-4, but we were putting out tables at 7. Good thing, because we had cars in the driveway and we didn't even have boxes out yet! A pair of savvy sale ladies pulled in as our neighbor Chris was hanging a sun wind chime. Her hand had brought it up out of the box and was reaching for the porch hook, the lady driving opened the door, as the car was being put into park, and yelled "Is that for sale? I'll take it!" These ladies proceeded to paw through our stuff, asking if they could help us set it out! Who are these people!?!? Who would have thought that there would be this fanatic rush to see if someone else's crap was something you just HAD to have! We sold more stuff between 7 and 9 than we did the rest of the day. It was unbelievable. Mark will never doubt the power of a yard sale again. We made a hefty chunk of change which will help us get a new couch for the new house.

We got to spend the whole weekend with our upstairs neighbors, which is a good thing because they are very nice and I only wish we had started spending time with them two years ago instead of two weeks before moving away. Man, we're lame. But in the past few days we've had pizza, Chinese, Applebee's, movies, and this morning, breakfast at Lou's. Yum! Later this week we're all going to see Pirates 3 and get chocolate lava cake. I think I have a problem...I'm addicted to chocolate! And I'm corrupting the neighbors, making them addicted too. :)

As time ticks by, we get more and more excited about moving to our own place. This apartment was nice for the short time we were here, but it's more than time to move on. Mark said last night "I can't wait to be out of here, it's over-priced and has lots of mice." I cracked's true though. The Upper Valley is really expensive, and our apartment though old, drafty, bug and mice filled is still expensive! Our neighbors had been talking about how many mice they'd seen, but in the 3 years here, we hadn't seen a one. That is, until yesterday. Big Jack wanted to show off for mommy and daddy and presented us with a lovely little mouse. Eww. So much for getting out of here rodent free. Only 6 days left and then it's back to Maine, Baby!!! Yippee!!