Sunday, September 23, 2007

Okay. I apologize. I did not fall off the edge of a cliff, or get locked in a cupboard, or blown away in a storm, or stuck in another dimension, or held hostage by space aliens in return for chicken salad, or have all my fingers broken in a freak glove purchasing accident. Therefore, I have no excuse for not updating my blog. For those of you still listening, since the last time I posted we have gotten settled in our house, mom and I finished up at my Aunt Isabel's, I got a job, and I've started teaching. So, you haven't missed that much.

So, the most interesting part of this post is that I started it on September 23 and I'm now posting it a month later. I know this is a brief snippet. Oh, hell, it's not even a snippet. But I just got home from work and dinner is ready, so I'll have more of an update later. I promise. I really do. Really really, cross my heart, needle in eye, and all that legal jargon.

Gotta go...yum yum...tummy rumbling...