Thursday, April 24, 2008

How big a bite is that?

Remember how I said I was going to be better about updating...I had such high hopes for keeping up to date, but as usual, life happens all at once. I am in the process of trying to juggle 3 jobs, maintain a somewhat habitable living environment, prepare for a class I'm going to teach, spend time with my husband, take a dance class, help my mother, and do a summer musical. All while trying to keep current on Dancing with the Stars. As shown above, my overconfidence is likely to end in disaster. So I plan to take it one step at a time.
First, my job at the YMCA is ending tomorrow. I'm officially retiring from daycare. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!! No more sicky sick catching all kinds of goop and puke from the little buggers. I love all my little ones, truly I do, but it was really time for a change. I've been in daycare, going on my 4th year now, and that's fairly long considering the turn-over rate for preschool teachers. So, I will do some manual labor for my parents until one of my many sent out job applications bears fruit. Mmm, cleaning out the garage...let's just hope we don't have a repeat of last summer's "Tell-tale fire alarm" (Check my old July post if you want to know the story)

I'm also still having a blast at adult ed, and will be starting up my class this Thursday. I actually have people signed up for it! How cool is that!!! I'll be teaching 5 weeks of Exploring Greek Mythology. In fact, look for an new section of my blog, either every Thursday or Friday, retelling a different myth. It's time I spread a little of my passion to the masses. All 7 of you that read this.

Even though I'm really excited about teaching again, the job I'm looking forward to the most is my position at the Appleton Library. I'm bringing in some new collections for us, expanding the childrens' catalog, planning some fun events, and hosting the summer reading program. I also want to develop some new programs, including a linking local libraries traveling lecture series and an infant geared story time.

I'm trying to keep the house clean. We got a new vacuum (I know, how thrilling) and it's actually really cool...has an neat light system on it that tells you when the floor is clean. However, with our cats, the floor is never clean. I'm also looking to refinish an old bureau, and paint some bookcases now that the weather is getting nicer. We've been doing some yard work on the weekends and we brought the grill out of it's hibernation just the other day! Yeay for barbecue chicken!!! That means summer is coming! Even though I want to spend time outside of the house in the warmth, I'd like to find time to finish my current scrapbook, attend each night class of Middle Eastern Dance I signed up for, and break out my oil paints again. (It's been a long time, but they offer oil painting at adult ed and every time I go collect the attendance folder, the smell of turpentine makes me very nostalgic for my pa and the basement easel.)

So, after I find time to do all that...(HA)...I will get to do what I've been losing sleep over for weeks. Losing sleep you ask? Yes, on accounta' dose catchy songs whats been playin' in my head. A good friend of mine has been talking about doing Guys & Dolls this summer at the Lincoln County Theatre and she encouraged me to try out...I've been learning and singing the songs for weeks for this past weekend's auditions. Tuesday I went to the call-back. Those of you around the first week of August will get to see me as Miss Sarah Brown. :) I'm so excited to be back in a theater...I'm such an addict and I've been away too long. The withdrawal was killing me! But now I'll get a chance to work with some of the best people in community theater I've ever worked with. I get to sing "Marry the Man Today" with my dear friend, mentor, and long time director. Is it August yet? I'm so excited!!!

As for Dancing with the Stars...I'm cheering for my childhood idol and American Sweetheart, Kristi Yamaguchi...who is totally kicking some shimmying and shaking booty! I'll leave you with a little taste.

One of her best dances...even though it was only 2 10's instead of 3. Don't worry though...her jive Monday got a perfect score. I'll save that for another post.