Monday, May 7, 2007

Summer Blockbuster Explosion!

Alright movie fans, every time I turn around, there is another trailer that comes to my attention and I think, man, I need to see that. I don't think I've ever had so many movie trips lined up in one summer! I think it's time for a breakdown of this summer's coming attractions...a wild ride of sequels, magic, pirates and superpower.
I was never into comic books, but I just can't get enough of superhero movies. We saw Spiderman-3 this past weekend, and it was interesting to see the web-crawler take on not one, or two, but three villains, try to get the love of his life to marry him, and deal yet again with his uncle's death. Special effects were great, fight scenes were very cool, but the dialogue was only so-so. The highlight was the snappy banter in the climactic end fight. I'm glad we saw it, but I still think Spidey 2 was better.
June 15---Next up is the family of superheros, the Fantastic 4, Rise of the Silver Surfer. Knowing absolutely nothing about the comics, I enjoyed the first movie, especially Julian McMahon, who I loved as Cole in Charmed, and Dr. Christian Troy in the edgy Nip/Tuck. Rise of the Silver Surfer looks to be packed with even more cool special effects, and more of Johnny, the Human Torch. I can't help it, he reminds me of my brother...very much the hot shot!
July 4---Mark, of course, is very excited for the release of Transformers (Robots in Disguise... said in a very techno-robotic voice:)) Again, I know nothing about the was a boy thing. I was busy watching Rainbow Brite, not mac trucks that turn into several stories tall robot things. But, director Michael Bay is great for action, and the special effects will most likely steal the show. Who knows, instead of humming the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme, I might be humming "Transformers, more than meets the eye."
June 27---Ahh, Bruce Willis. The more you beat him up, the harder he beats back. Cop John McClane is back and saving the world and, apparently, his daughter, in Live Free or Die Hard. This looks to be action blasted with stunts, cars, jets, crashes, explosions, ass-whoopin', you name it, it's in there. It almost feels like Bruce Willis is trying to prove he is still every inch the action hero. Hey, I believe it, and can't wait to see it. My dad has actually agreed to go to the theater to see it with me! (My dad hasn't taken me to a movie since Aladdin!!!) Very exciting. Here's a little preview to get you excited too.

May 18---The summer of sequels starts off with Shrek the Third. I loved the "Holdin' out for a hero" sequence in Shrek 2, so I'm interested to see what they come out with next. Honestly, I didn't think they'd even do a third one. But it does seem like there is an outpouring of sequels, some it seems are just movies for the sake of being a sequels: Rush Hour 3, Ocean's Thirteen (which I'll probably like the best of the lot), The Bourne Ultimatum (sadly, I had trouble keeping up with the first two), and 28 Weeks Later (which I will absolutely NOT see, and damn you, Dan, for making me watch the first one...I still have nightmares...shudder) *Side note*Oddly enough, I am also not interested in watching Disney's new Pixar animation, Ratatouille. Who would have thought I'd say that about a Disney film?

Okay, I had to save the best two for last. And, ironically, both are sequels. Mark your calenders folks, these are the MUST SEE MOVIES!

July 13---It finally arrives, (just in time for Book 7, which is released 7/21/07) Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!!!!! I am so excited!! I get goosebumps watching the previews. It makes me want to go back and read all the books, but especially Book 5. With not just the movie coming out, but Book 7 just a week later, it looks to be a Very Harry July! Mark and I have done our share of Potter Party Midnight Madness, and this time around I think it will be the biggest one yet! Hopefully I'll have my dream job by then, and can get the entire town of Camden involved, creating our very own Diagon Ally. Ahh, to dream big... The regular trailer is included below, but be sure to check out the above link to see the other international trailer, which gives an even more delicious look at what the movie holds. Accio Movie!

May 25---And finally, your favorite and mine: Pirates of the Caribbean, At World's End.
Yeay!!!!!!!!!!! You can't see it, but I'm clapping my hands! I get chills watching the preview, and get so worked up with adrenaline pumping and feet twitching, that I sit on the edge of the chair or couch or pause in the middle of the livingroom floor,just drop what I'm doing, and fixate on the TV. I'm riveted. Literally. Oh my gosh, I just can't stand it. I can't help myself, I end up either jumping up and down afterward, or smacking Mark on the arm (I have a tendency to arm-smack when I'm excited...just ask my mom when we go shopping!) going, "I can't wait!!!! I love Pirates!!!" I don't usually go on the opening night to really big, highly anticipated movies because the crowds are too intense. But I want to be at one of the first showings. Ha, me and millions of other people. Who knows, I may just bring along my Captain Jack action figure...I did for Dead Man's Chest (And, how lame am I? Not just that I have an action figure, but several. I brought my Raphael action figure to TMNT, and my Rick O'Connell to Mummy Returns. *Another Side note* On the topic of sequels...guess what our friend Brendan Fraser is up to...that's right.
Mummy 3. Apparently who's returning is still rumors, but Brendan is a go. Oh yeah!) So, grab on to you eye-patches and get ready for some swashbuckling fun...

Ohh, I love it! Don't you loooove it! It gets me so excited ;) Man, I need to get out more.

Out more? Outside? Who needs the beautiful sunshine and warm weather of summer...I'll be inside at the movie theater!

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