Monday, August 6, 2007

I love being a turtle!

Ok party people...guess what comes out tomorrow? Need a hint. There are 4 of them, they love pizza, and they are trained in the art of ninja. That's right my babies, TMNT is released on DVD tomorrow and you can bet you bippy I'll be bringing home a copy. What is it about those fun loving, wise-cracking, foot soldier butt kicking turtles that makes me so happy? I haven't the slightest idea; I just know I've been a fan since I was seven and my brother and I went trick-or-treating as Raphael and April O'Neill. (Ironically, Mark too dressed up as Raphael one Halloween.) Raph was always my favorite turtle. And the new animated movie stays true to the character of all the turtles, but especially Raph and the dynamic between him and brother Leonardo. If you haven't seen it, check it out. Some of the sequences are really well done, you can hardly tell it was computer generated. And the musical score...Awesome.

Yeay for turtles. And for my turtle van. I'm putting COWBNGA on my license plate :)

For your viewing pleasure...a little video from YouTube with clips of TMNT. The song choice nicely provides commentary on the relationship between Raph and Leo

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spokeschicken said...

hey, i'm with you on the TMNT! daN and i went to see that with matt and kathy when we were in DC with them in march or april -- it was a blast! glad you're going to own it.

how's the rest of life going? get the house cleaned out alright? D's wedding? the job hunt? either way, we'll see you next weekend, i'm sure. lindz