Saturday, July 12, 2008

So, I have a summer job. I'm a trolley tour guide for one of the seaside towns in the Midcoast. All I have to do is smile and point to things and give tourist directions. I enjoy meeting new people and I'm outside getting fresh air. But, it never ceases to amaze me how stupid people are. I had one lady ask me with the advent of fleece, if we still wore our big fisherman sweaters, and where could she get one? I told her we buy from L.L. Bean, just like everyone else. She then wanted to know how to get to a place about 15 minutes north of us and when I told her she said: "Oh, so we are still on the mainland? Still part of the U.S." I just shook my head. What are they teaching in geography class nowadays? I had another gentleman say to me that he had read in a book that people go down onto the shore and dig out clams. Then he asked if we actually did that! For more information on how I feel about stupid people, please see the image above. I apologize for not updating in so long...I have a lot on my plate right now, what with my job on the trolley, my job at the library, and my rehearsal schedule. I will try to be better about letting you all in on the crazy life of me...all 4 of you who read this.

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Ariadne N said...

When I lived on the Vineyard during high school, we used to joke about the summer tourist season: "If it's tourist season (like hunting season) why can't we shoot them?" Gratuitous violence aside, it is remarkable how many very VERY foolish questions I answered during the silly season in that great tourist destination, Martha's Vineyard. I hope you keep enjoying your adventures!