Friday, July 6, 2007

Post-dated 7/6/07

Today is a day of disillusionment. I'm sitting here listening to the thunder and the background sounds of "You've got Mail" as I'm watching my gram, waiting for the rain. My morning started out so well, having a story hour at this small town library where I am now helping out. I read a story called "Cock-a-Moo-Moo" about a rooster who forgets how to crow so he imitates the other animals. The six or seven kids there loved it, and the real life chicks that a farmer brought over to show. But after such a lovely morning, my day fell apart. I went back to my former high school, where I'll be teaching an adult ed class on Greek Mythology, to drop of some paperwork, and the place was just a disaster. The art classrooms were all gone to make room for life skills classrooms. I'm glad that there is all this space devoted to kids with special needs, but it makes me so sad that there has to be so much space because that means there are so many kids that need it. The whole building looked quite dilapidated and had this abandoned smell to it. It didn't inspire me to think that much learning goes on in those halls. So, after wanting to cry over that, I arrived here to a nest of tension. My gram is having quite a bad day, which means my mom is having a bad day. So, I put myself "on the clock" and tried to calm things down. Things are so strained that something has to break, and today it was the weather. It's a total downpour, lightening, thunder. A real rip-snorter. I hope that by tomorrow, the all the storms will have cleared.

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Gender Blank said...

I, for one, am glad it was the weather that finally broke, and not you. Let the rain be a cathartic release.

Miss you!