Saturday, December 22, 2007

Final Fantasy X is AWESOME

AWESOMEly sucking up every spare instant of my time... Here's a little peek into what I've been doing lately when not working or racing around for Christmas.

I am not a gamer. Let me say that again. I am NOT a gamer. I have terrible hand/eye coordination. I don't shoot down zombies or beat pedestrians with baseball bats, nor do I careen around a race track or lead a tactical squadron of big men with guns. I don't even have the patience or skill to go-cart with Mario or stomp those little koopa things. But what I am, is a hopeless romantic. Allow me to explain: Final Fantasy is a different kind of game. Actually, it's more like a movie that you interact with occasionally. I love watching the story unfold, especially when there are cinematic shots done in really high quality animation. It's really quite impressive. And the fighting mechanism is great! I don't have to hit 3 buttons at the same time to spin around or jump or zap an enemy. I hit one button and a list pops up of all the things I can do and then I can pick one and my little man goes over and kicks the bad guy. I love it! And what I love even more than the easy action is the ROMANCE of the story. (God, I'm such a sucker for a love story.) It's about a young man named Tidus who gets pulled through time to 1000 years in the future. A terrible evil is sweeping the land and a young woman named Yuna is trying to stop it. He becomes friends with her guardians and joins them in the quest to defeat this monster called "Sin." Along the way, Tidus falls for her, but learns that if she beats Sin, it will cost her her life. Determined to protect his love, he tries to find another way to beat Sin, one that will spare her. He uncovers a different way of defeating the evil, one that unfortunately will cause him to fade from existence. But it will save her. He keeps the secret of his fate to help her win her quest, and she is so devastated that is causes her to search for a way to get him back (thus a sequel to FFX which I'm super excited to play once I finish) The only problem is that it takes so long to play...I've already logged almost 40 hours in the damn game and I'm still not done! But I'm excited for the big payoff in the end of a nice long cinematic between Tidus and Yuna, paving the way for Final Fantasy X-2. Mark shakes his head over the fact that I play it just for the romantic parts. Well, I don't care, I think it's a sweet story. So, here's a little taste of the look of the game and some of those sweet moments from Tidus and Yuna. The music is not from the game, this is just a montage done by fans.

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