Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's new with you, gumshoe?

My goodness, a lot can happen in a month. As much as I hate winter, (and believe me, at our house, we HATE winter) and feel that it drags on far to long, I forget just how fast January and February snow by. I haven't updated in over a month because I haven't sat down for more than a few seconds at a time. Let's see if I can catch everyone up (you loyal 5 readers) with a few snippets.

  • I'm enjoying my time at Adult Ed. I answer phones, make copies, take attendance, and file stuff. I just love putting little stickies on folders! I'm rather anal-retentive/compulsive that way. Sort of like Monica on Friends. Just give me a label maker and I'm a happy gal. The job is also making me learn about computers...something I swore I'd never do. But in this brave new world of technology, not using computers is like not using a phone. Case in point: look at what medium I'm using to stay connected with all of you. Yeah. So for Adult Ed. I'm designing a website. Hee hee, I know! Me, the girl who can barely check her email! But I'm using a big beefy program called Dreamweaver and it's doing the heavy lifting for me. I'm damn near done and when I get it up and running, I promise to post the link here for you all to critique. :)

  • I got a new job working for a local small town library! I interviewed to be their new librarian (the only paid position as it is a small town library) but they hired someone with an MLS. However, the board of directors liked what I had to say so much, and since my specialty and passion is children's programming/events, they created a couple hour a week position for me do their Children's Programming! I'm so excited because that's what I ultimately want to do. And, this library happens to be expanding to a brand new building this spring, so the position has the possibility to expand as well. I can't wait to plan some fun spring/summer events!

  • The Mr. and I took our annual vacation to Florida to see his parents. We look forward to our tropical getaway every year...especially this year as both he and I were very burned out. We hadn't had a vacation since January of last year, and considering since then we have moved, started new jobs, and bot have crazy schedules, it was definitely time to kick back. Highlights include, but are not limited to: 80 degree weather, swimming almost every day, mini golfing, eating at this great Japanese Steak House, teasing my father-in-law, marti gras in Town Square, riding around in a golf cart, shopping with my mother-in-law (who is a bad influence ;) at Belk's (awesome department store), laying out in sun chairs, reading good books, going to the Spaaaaa, and 15hours at Disney! (Including hopping from Magic Kingdom, to Animal Kingdom, to MGM, back to Magic Kingdom.) And one of the sweetest things was coming home to find that my mother had gone grocery shopping for us so we wouldn't have to go out after the plane ride. She even left us a Steve Watts chocolate cake (like our wedding cake) and flowers!! A little fun in the Florida sun was just what we needed to recharge, reconnect, and relax. I love spending the day eating fruit and lounging by the pool. I can't wait to go back!

  • I am way to addicted to CSI. I'm making my way through the seasons slowly but surely. I'm also looking into getting an elliptical machine, because if I'm watching CSI, I might as well be exercising instead of sitting on my rear end. I've also signed up for a Dancercise class at the new Dance Conservatory and have my very own Dancing with the Stars work out video. We're trying to be healthier...exercising, eating right, and I'm even taking vitamins. Who would of thought...

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Gender Blank said...

Congratulations on all the great news! Glad you had a chance to relax for a bit - you definitely earned it!

I'm going to Boston next weekend. I'll make sure to wave in Maine's direction. :)

Miss you!